Walking Masterminds

Current Walking Mastermind walks open for bookings:

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#3: Friday 11th March at Jackadder Lake, Woodlands

#4: Tuesday 22nd March at Sorrento Beach

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Walking Masterminds with Amanda Kendle

All about Walking Masterminds in Perth

What happens on a Walking Mastermind with Amanda?

We will meet at the specified time and place (which will vary) and split into groups of around three or four people (although we’ll all walk together, so this can be a bit fluid, as well!).

At each walk I’ll supply a small card with three questions on. After you’ve got to know your fellow walkers, the idea is you can discuss the three questions together, to hopefully learn some new ideas and share some of your own successes, too.

After the walk, I’ll email everyone who attended with some of the best ideas we heard, plus some resources and links to help you out.

The questions will be related to:

  • productivity – working for yourself, motivation, systems, organising and planning
  • blogging – how, why, what about, how to get readers, and more
  • social media – various platforms, tips and tricks, making time, getting motivated
  • small business/self-promotion – new ideas, networking, strategy
  • and other topics that arise within the groups that seem relevant!

Who are these Walking Mastermind walks suitable for?

A lot of the participants will be people who’ve met me through workshops and consulting sessions in the past, but we welcome anyone, especially:

  • Bloggers or anyone who uses a blog as part of their website
  • Small business owners who have some kind of online presence
  • Anyone using social media to promote their work
  • Writers/artists/creatives who need to promote their work online
  • And anyone else who wants to chat more about blogging, social media, business and more

(You can always email me if you want to check with me first.)

How can I join a Walking Mastermind?

Each walk has a fee of $10. This covers my time for organising and following-up, but also has the purpose of helping you commit to be there – it’s all too easy to let other tasks get in the way.

Bring a hat and a water bottle, and your walking shoes – we’re not going to be power walking but we will cover on average around 3km during our walks.

At the moment, nearly all locations will be north of the river but this might change in the future.


Past locations:

#1 Carine Open Space

Walking Mastermind 1 at Carine with Ag and Clare 580px

Over 40C but we still walked and talked! (Carine, February 2016)

#2 Rosalie Park, Shenton Park