Advanced blogging course – handy links

Hi advanced blogging gang, Here are some of the links we’re going to use (or I’m going to talk about) during our advanced blogging course. You can always come back to this post later to revisit and reread anything you find particularly useful. What have you learned from blogging? Allison Tait is an Australian magazine […]

Using blogs in the classroom

There are so many great ways to use blogs with students – here are some blog posts, slide shows and videos that will give you plenty of inspiration. Top 10 Reasons to Use a Blog in the Classroom (video – made by students) 33 Ways to Use Blogs in Your Classroom (if you can’t find […]

Teenagers and social media

I’m putting the finishing touches on my UWA Extension course on “Safe Social Networking: Family-Friendly Facebook and More”. These resources and links are useful ones for parents to read if they’re concerned about what their teenagers (and tweens!) are doing online. Teenagers on the internet: Parents need to be involved: says everything I want to […]

Social media and education

I’m just planning some professional development training for a bunch of high school teachers, so it is excellent timing that I came across this infographic on How to Get Better Grades Using Social Media: ++ Click to Enlarge Image ++ Lots of interesting facts and figures in there, and confirms my opinion that Facebook […]

Tips for bloggers

Here’s a collation of some useful pages I’ve found on blogging lately. You can also see regular links coming up if you join my Facebook page. Some useful tips on improving your About page, since it’s often a frequently visited part of your blog How to keep your blog safe from hackers, spammers and any […]