The “dip in” theory of social media

After asking me “how can I unfriend someone on Facebook and will they know?”, the second-most common question I hear from clients and course participants is “How do you have time to keep up with social media?” I have a few answers, starting mostly with tapping my smartphone and suggesting they might need one too […]

Social media is evolving. Fast!

Every month or two on a Saturday morning I get to take a lovely drive along the river to get to the Futuresphere at Christchurch Grammar School here in Perth – it’s the venue for all my computer lab-based courses for UWA Extension. Without fail I pass by large bunches of cyclists enjoying the relatively […]

Everyone wants to know about social networking

I’ve been so busy with social networking consulting and coaching lately, and it seems like it will never stop. Or will it? Surely one day everybody will know all about Facebook, at least, and it will be just another communication and marketing tool everybody uses without thinking about it, like the telephone, mail and email. […]

Teenagers and social media

I’m putting the finishing touches on my UWA Extension course on “Safe Social Networking: Family-Friendly Facebook and More”. These resources and links are useful ones for parents to read if they’re concerned about what their teenagers (and tweens!) are doing online. Teenagers on the internet: Parents need to be involved: says everything I want to […]

Social media and education

I’m just planning some professional development training for a bunch of high school teachers, so it is excellent timing that I came across this infographic on How to Get Better Grades Using Social Media: ++ Click to Enlarge Image ++ Lots of interesting facts and figures in there, and confirms my opinion that Facebook […]