Social media haters: what to do when people say mean things on Facebook or Twitter

When I’m helping clients set up their social media platforms, one of the most common questions I get asked concerns crisis management. What do we do when people leave horrible comments? they ask, nearly always. They’re really scared of opening up the possibility for disgruntled clients or customers or nasty members of the general public […]

Location independence, digital nomads and what pretty much all my clients could learn from this

I’m having a mini-obsession with podcasts, blogs and people talking about location independence at the moment. It’s a buzz word that actually makes me buzz! The notion of being “location independent” or a “digital nomad” basically means that you’re doing work you can do from anywhere, which virtually always means you work online. Or even […]

So you want to know all about Instagram?

Hi there! It’s me! On Instagram! I’ve been getting lots and lots of questions about Instagram lately, and no wonder, because it’s got at least 100 million users, and even amongst my circle of friends it’s used by a few people who otherwise don’t have much involvement with social media. So there must be something […]

Using social media on your travels

I spent yesterday evening at the Scarborough Library here in Perth chatting with a bunch of travel-mad locals about how best to use social media on your travels. As usual at these kind of library talks, I get to meet a variety of people with varying levels of expertise in social media but this group […]