How to: Add an Instagram feed to your blog

This post about how to add an Instagram feed to your main blog page is for my dear blogging friend Rae, because she asked nicely. And it’s for anyone else who wants to have a go at this. It’s funny, actually, how often people see my Instagram feed on my blog (somewhere over there —> […]

Introducing #bizgram – because using Instagram for your business images is more fun in a crowd

You may have noticed I’ve developed something of a keen interest in Instagram of late (some may name it an addiction), partly because it’s fun, partly because it’s easy to fit into the very few spare moments I have, and partly because I have realised I can also use it for my business. That last […]

So you want to know all about Instagram?

Hi there! It’s me! On Instagram! I’ve been getting lots and lots of questions about Instagram lately, and no wonder, because it’s got at least 100 million users, and even amongst my circle of friends it’s used by a few people who otherwise don’t have much involvement with social media. So there must be something […]