Social media haters: what to do when people say mean things on Facebook or Twitter

When I’m helping clients set up their social media platforms, one of the most common questions I get asked concerns crisis management. What do we do when people leave horrible comments? they ask, nearly always. They’re really scared of opening up the possibility for disgruntled clients or customers or nasty members of the general public […]

Thanks Facebook: A school reunion made even more fun

Over the weekend, I attended my 20th high school reunion. (Yes, go on, do the calculations, I already know the answer: that makes me OLD!). Five years ago, I went to my first reunion, having been overseas when the ten-year reunion took place. There was a huge difference between these two events, and funnily enough, […]

Save some time with Facebook scheduling

I work with all kinds of different clients, but increasingly, a whole swag of them have a Facebook business page, and complain that they don’t have time to update it as regularly as I’m advising them too. In the past, I’ve advised them to use scheduling sites like Hootsuite, but in most cases, I can […]